Invoicing Process for Distributors

Login to your dashboard : Invoice Page

It shows the list of your invoices. To create new invoice, click on 'Create invoice'.

payment options

Search Customer:

Search the customer by entering name in the customer input box.
If data found, customers details will be displayed and skip next step,
else if customer data is not found you have to add new customer's details first.
Click on 'add new' to add customer details.

invoice page

New Customer:

Fill out the customer details then submit it.

customer details
customer details

Create Invoice

Fill out invoice date and due date and memo. And choose appropriate shipping option from shipping information.
At the end, select appropriate product type. Then related product/s and price will be displayed  Now, click on 'Add to Invoice' button.

invoice details mobile
invoice details mobile

List of items and pricing

If there are multiple products, then select another product.
And again click on 'Add to Invoice' button.
This will update the list of those products and amount.

invoice price mobile

Invoice options:

Enter the quantity of products and click on 'Update All'. Select the Coupon if any. Check the total and 'Update Totals.
Click on 'Save' to save the invoice. It will following display the options .

Click on Preview the invoice.

edit or send invoice
invoice mobile preview

Invoice List:

Check the invoice information if any changes are required, click on Edit invoice to change the values.

Since, invoice will be saved, you can send it at any time. This invoice enlisted in the invoice page.
Click on number to open this invoice.

invoice list mobile

Send Invoice:

From 'invoice options', click on Send button. You will get invoice sent confirmation alert.

edit or send invoice
invoice alert

Customer process:
Short Invoice through email:

On the other hand, the customer will receive an email containing this invoice.

customer short invoice

Customer process:
View and pay Invoice:

When customer clicks on 'View & Pay Invoice', invoice details will be shown as shown in preview.

invoice mobile preview
invoice mobile preview

Customer process:
Payment link:

After clicking on the Pay invoice, customer will be redirected to payment link.

Payment can be done using paypal account, all types cards.

customer payment
customer final payment

Customer process:
Final receipt:

After entering login credentials, customer will make payment.
After successful payment, following receipt will be generate.

checkout process
checkout process