Follow simple steps to setup facebook chat

Chat Messenger Popup:
Distributor Retail Website:

Connect customers directly through facebook chat feature
To enable this feature on your retail website follow this guide.

chat fb popup

Facebook page:

First distributor should have created the page on Facebook.

1. If you have created Facebook page already.
click here

2. If you don't have your own page assoicated with facbook.
click here

facebook page

Page Creation on Facebook.com:
Create Page

This will redirect you to page creation link on facebook. 
Fill out the required details for page creation.
After successful page creation go to next step.

create page

Page Settings - Whitelisting Domains:
These can be done on Computer only:

Open your facebook page and click on 'Settings' from menu. 
Now, click on Advanced Messaging.
Scroll down to 'Whitelisting Domains'.
Enter 'https://herbalnutrition.com' and save it.

advance messaging setting
whitelist domain

Copy page Id - From Messaging Settings:
These can be done on Computer only:

Now, click on 'Messaging' from Page settings Menu.
Scroll down to 'Add Messenger to your website'.
From 'your messenger link' copy the page id displayed after the 'm.me/'.

messaging setting
page id

Submit Page Id:
Distributor Dashboard:
login herbal nutrition

Open Facbook options page from your herbal nutrition dashboard.
And paste your facebook page id.

edit Fb Page Id

Chat Messenger Popup

Now, chat feature is set on your retail website. 

retail page
chat fb popup