Herbalife Reviews

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Formula 1 Review - This is Herbalife's flagship product, and the first one that comes to mind when customers talk about Herbalife weight loss shakes. Formula 1 shakes are filling, and not the least bit grainy when mixed properly.

Liftoff - Liftoff is an energy drink that you add to your own bottled water. It's light and refreshing, but doesn't leave you feeling jittery or nervous. I'm normally not a big fan of energy drinks, but this one is refreshing and uplifting. Like many energy drinks, it can be a little pricey, but it's actually comparable to other energy drinks in this respect.

Herbalife Protein Bars - These things are extremely tasty, and are just right for an afternoon snack, or a quick energy boost when you're on the run. When traveling, I always take a box of these with me for a nutritious snack or as an alternative to eating fast food.