Nicole has lost over 90 kilograms

by Brian and Amy Anyos

Nicole Jenner is one of our team and starting at 187 kilograms and the words "YOU WILL NEVER LOSE WEIGHT" from her doctor ringing in her ears, Nicole decided to give Herbalife a try.

90 Kilograms lighter now Nicole has a quality of life she never dreamed of due to being over 100 kilograms since 10 years of age, Nicole now enjoys some simple things most take for granted.... Rolercoasters at the Theme Parks, buying from the rack, dancing, and many more things. 

Nicole will continue to work on her health and her weight and when i asked her what she wants to do with her life now, she simply said "I want to show people that you can have a better life, a Herbalife". 

Congratulations Nicole

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An extensive questionnaire generated responses from more than 200 U.S. Herbalife Independent Distributors about their weight-loss programs and results. They reported weight loss ranging from 4 pounds to 167 pounds and a reduced body mass index (BMI) of 1.5 points to 24.1 points, suggesting that consumption of Herbalife® products is associated with weight loss and improvement in BMI in those ranges.

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